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Robert "Bob" Foley came to Padis Vineyards as winemaker at the express wish of the Padis owners, who greatly admired Foley's style and wanted the Padis wines to be developed entirely around his vision.


All three Padis Vineyard wines share the trademark Foley style with big flavors, aromatic density and balance.


One of the most respected winemakers in the country, Foley began his career in the Napa Valley in 1977, bringing his talents to such well-honored producers as Pride Mountain Vineyards, Switchback Ridge, Hourglass, Paloma, School House, and Engel Family wines. Although he also has a deep involvement in his own brand, Robert Foley Vineyards, he continues to guide Padis wines to a standard of excellence that is recognized by any true wine collector.

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